Taylor Brooks Foundation
TBF Increase visibility of childhood cancer
TBF Provide humanitarian support to patients and care-givers
TBF Extend resources to analyze and implement treatment options
TBF Contribute resources to research new treatments
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Childhood Cancer is not like adult forms and research into adult forms often does nothing to advance treatments for children. Childhood cancer is seriously underserved by the well known cancer groups as one major organization recently gave only $5m for all forms of childhood cancer yet it gave $35m for one single type of adult cancer. How serious is Childhood Cancer? It is the number one disease killer of children. It strikes about 2 class rooms full of children each day. Jeff and I have formed the Taylor Brooks Foundation to serve patients, families and doctors dealing with rare forms of childhood cancer through:

  • increasing the visibility of Childhood Cancer
  • humanitarian support of the patients and caregivers
  • resources to analyze and implement treatment options
  • resources to research new treatments
Taylor Brooks

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